"The true life... it is here."

The Diner

Its with great pleasure that we welcome you to our table.

The aperitif is a must and so is the “joie de vivre”.

Accomodated with local wines, and of course the “pousse-café”.

The Breakfast

From 8:30 to 10:00 am.

Served in the dining-room, or the terrasse overseeing the park

A complete breakfast with Viennoiseries and local breads

Table d’hôte

35 € per person

(minimum 4 persons or 2 nights stay)

Mireille proposes seasonal dishes base on our burgubdy terroir specialties.

In the summer, Barbecue menues are available on the terrasse.

Also available: VIP menues with wine testing performed by local wine producers.

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